Wednesday, 17 August 2016

CWMI 2016 Singapore Team Results

From left: Yu Peng, Lucas, Jianzhi, Xiaorui, Puhua, Hong Pei, Gabriel, Estelle
Gold (114) - Cheng Puhua, Raffles Institution
Gold (105) - Wang Jianzhi, Raffles Institution
Gold (99)   - Gabriel Goh, NUS High
Gold (96)   - Zhang Xiaorui, NUS High
Gold (93)   - Ng Yu Peng, Hwa Chong Institution
Silver (48)  - Lucas Boo, Raffles Institution
Silver (45)  - Estelle Lee, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver (45)  - Goh Hong Pei, Hwa Chong Institution


IOI 2016 Singapore Team Results

Full Results

Gold - Jacob Teo, NUS High
Silver - Clarence Chew, NUS High
Silver - Pang Wen Yuen, Raffles Institution
Bronze - Zhang Guangxuan, Raffles Institution


Sunday, 14 August 2016

CGMO 2016 Singapore Team Results

Full Results
Gold   (75) - Lim Li, NUS High
Silver(66?) - Li Anqi, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver  (54) - Shi Ruixin, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver(45?) - Chen Xinyi, Raffles Girls' Sec
Anqi's and Xinyi's marks before appeal: 51 and 30. Cut off for Gold is ~69-72, Silver is ~42-45

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Off to Beijing, China

From left: Mr Wang, Anqi, Xinyi, Ruixin, Lim Li, Ms Chang

The Singapore Team left for China Girls Math Olympiad 2016 this morning, 0830 hrs on SQ802. They will be staying in Beijing No. 4 High School's dormitory.

10 Aug, Wed - Arrival and Registration
11 Aug, Thu - Opening Ceremony, Aerobics
12 Aug, Fri - Competition Day 1, Mathematics Lecture
13 Aug, Sat - Competition Day 2, Performance
14 Aug, Sun - Excursion and Closing Ceremony
15 Aug, Mon - Return to Singapore

Monday, 8 August 2016

Featuring NUS High Alumni on NUS High Facebook

UCL Student Exchange Exam Results

Lim Min took 2 Math modules and 2 Computing modules in UCL, from Jan to Mar 2016. Her exams were held in May 2016.
COMPM068 Cryptanalysis is a masters/grad mod, there is no exam, mark is based entirely on project work and class participation

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

IChO 2016 Singapore Team Results

IChO 2016 Full Results

IChO 2016 Singapore Team Results:

Gold - Nan Zhihan, NUS High
Gold - Matthew Wong Huai Zhe, RI
Silver - Wang Kaiying, RI
Silver - Glen Goh Wee Zhuan, NUS High


Sunday, 31 July 2016

NMOS 2016 Special Round answers

NMOS 2016 Results

1. 15
2. 126
3. 10
4. 671
5. 470
6. 184
7. 144
8. 72
9. 370
10. 180
11. 17
12. 800
13. 5800
14. 689
15. 272
16. 96 (*amended)
17. 100
18. 64
19. 12
20. 57

The answers are provided by LL. If you have different answers and you are sure you are correct, please leave a message in the cbox.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

START Award Ceremony 2016

Source: MOE Press Release 26 July 2016

The Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent Scheme (START) supports young Singaporeans interested in pursuing an academic career at our Autonomous Universities (AUs), and aims to help our AUs build up their pool of academic talent in both research and teaching. START provides a suite of scholarships and support options for undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhD holders interested in academia.

At the undergraduate level, the MOE-AU Scholarship sponsors students’ undergraduate studies at local or overseas institutions, and recipients receive tailored academic mentorship and developmental opportunities from their paired AU. At the postgraduate level, selected postgraduate faculty development schemes support outstanding students as they pursue PhD and postdoctoral programmes at top overseas institutions, before returning to serve at our local AUs. For PhD holders, Early Career Awards allow aspiring academics to gain valuable teaching and research experience at the AUs, with the objective of helping them to establish a competitive portfolio for their future application and appointment as faculty members at our AUs.

In all, 20 students received scholarships from Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) Mr Ong Ye Kung at the START Award Ceremony today. The list of scholarship recipients can be found here.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

SMO 2016 Top 30 Results

IPhO 2016 Singapore Team and IBO 2016 Singapore Team Results

lPhO 2016 Full Results

IPhO Singapore Team Results

Gold - Lee Yuan, RI
Gold - Feng Jiahai, RI
Silver - Koh Jin Ming, NUS High
Silver - Ng Jian Rong, NUS High 
Silver - Lee Yu Tse, RI

IBO 2016 Full Results

IBO 2016 Singapore Team Results

Gold, 1st - Justin Lim Yi Shen, RI
Gold, 3rd - Tang Feng Jie, RI
Gold - Jacy Mok Kai Lin, HCI
Gold - Lim Jia Qi, RI

Congratulations to the Singapore Teams!

SIMO Junior Team 2016

SIMO Junior Team 2016 (32)

Bai Yunxuan
David Toh Hui Kai
Li Hantao
Lim Teck Woon Darren
Lim Yuan Heng
Mikail Firas Din s/o Abdul Jab
Ong Sheng Khai Timothy
Qiu Bowen Derrick
Shao Yang
Wang Yunrui

NUS High
Audi Prasanto
Chieu Le Heng
Joshua Chin Zhi Yi
Leticia Tok Jia Ying
Tan Cheng Yat
Tan Kin Hern
Tan Yu Ren
Wong Swee Chong Dave
Wong Zhi Jun

Arthur Ke Yansheng
Guan Yangchen
Loh Yan Xun Timothy
Low Yu Xuan
Siew Jiang Yi Brian
Wang Yuhan
William Zhang
Yau Chun En

Ding Wenjun

Victoria School
Lim Zhao Xun Jarrell

Hu Xinghui

ACS Primary
Lai Pengchong

Home School
Louth Bin Rawshan

Training for SIMO Junior Team has started on 23 July 2016.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Singapore IMO Team Back Home

Just touched down Singapore, put on T-shirts specially prepared by proud mummies and daddies
Lovely gifts from students' parents
Thoughtful gift from IMO boys

Friday, 15 July 2016

IMO 2016 Singapore Team Results

Singapore came in 4th with 4 Gold 2 Silver (record), and total 196 points (record). Well done S'pore team!  Our best rank was 3rd, achieved in 2011. Our previous best medal haul was in 2011 too, with 4 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze and our previous highest total points was 182, attained in 2013.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

High Tea @ Lingzhi Vegetarian

Getting Ready for Hong Kong IMO 2016

From left: (Trainers cum Observers) Lim Jeck with mascot SIMOn, Jit Wu, (Participants) Joel, Sheldon, Zhaoyu, Glen, Bryan, Dylan, (Dy Leader) Mr Zong
IMO 2016 Home Page

9 July 2016 (Sat) Arrival
10 July 2016 (Sun) Opening Ceremony & Welcome Dinner
11 July 2016 (Mon) First day of contest
12 July 2016 (Tue) Second day of contest
13 July 2016 (Wed) Excursion
14 July 2016 (Thu) Excursion
15 July 2016 (Fri) Excursion, Closing Ceremony and IMO Dinner
16 July 2016 (Sat) Departure